Calis (crimsoncalis) wrote in sigbmc,

hell im bored why not?

Lets see... Name: Tony

Was one of the infamous (famous? Feared? Resepcted? Whatever i dont know. i didnt notice it at the time) Crazy Mice... otherwise known as the mice. (im serious. i was otld years later we were 'the group' go fig. Never got that in HS) hell i helped found the silly group....

Gave the final speach with nicky in 2000. My last year. dated her at the time. LEts see... i think.. 94-2000 would be my stretch of years, all of em at SIGBMC. im sure people remember me, or more accuratly im scared if they do. I was in a couple of the plays. Never really got in trouble. Got juiced. Heh.... new the girl who did the first juciing... was her escort out of the cafeteria that day... even though i didnt even realize it....

oh the memories that suddenly come pouring into my head. heh. Well hi.
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