JLB (ellakano) wrote in sigbmc,

Well, hello

[Begin obligitory introduction sequence here]

I'll be at BMC for both sessions this year as a counciler with some as-yet unknown group of the older SIGies. Only just got hired...haven't even gotten my paperwork yet. Unlike most of you all, however, I've never been to SIG before. *waits for the shocked gasps to die down*. Indeed...I kept hearing about it from dokool and roughly half the people I went to school with at Simon's Rock College and was looking for stuff to do this summer "for fun and profit". So this should be quite interesting, although I'll polly end up having a bunch of people who will be more than willing to help enlighten me. ^_^;

[End obligitory introduction sequence]

So the actual point of this post: is anyone besides me (staff, that is) planing on arriving the 24th instead of the 25th? I'm told they'll put people up at the college for the night and have figured out that I'll probably be arriving in town on one of the commuter trains sometime after 5pm (after a 9 hour Amtrak ride from Rochester, NY to Penn Station to Philly that is; sucks not having a car) and I'm wondering if there will be anyone to meet there besides the adult staff already on campus.
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