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Belated introduction. (Lazy confessions)

Introductions? I'm Cat Sweet, barely breeching the gap between former and latter day SIG. BMC '01, George School '02, BMC I '03, BMC I '04, BMC II '05, BMC II '06. Didn't get to go back this year due to a crescendo of weird home issues, underground custody battle, and a general economic deficiancy of all parties involved.

Anyway, I was little and quiet, talked big and looked like a scared rabbit most of the time for my first couple years. '04 I started to make noise, but not much - mostly affiliated with my mildly notorious associations with Sean Barrett and Laugh Tracks own-age. '05 was my loudest, at the peak of my awkward experiments with fashion (while I still didn't know what the hell was going on), and the 'free hug' signs (including classic 'free hugs', and others such as 'hug me?', 'please donate a hug to my self-esteem' and 'one last round of hugs?'), and another round of theatre-crushing. '06 things petered out a little, mostly noted for high pigtails, and sketchy assosiations with my roomate Marissa Wilk. Also wrote the ohmygod terrrrible Broadway Beckons musical (trying to string together as many songs that didn't relate to eachother as I could in less than half of one Study/Tutorial period), and, have you guessed that I'll bring up Laugh Tracks again?

The end.
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